These pages have additional information about XTrkCad and this project.
Sourceforge Project Page


These pages show layouts designed with XTrkCad, in some cases the XTrkCad files can be downloaded.
XTrkCad Yahoo Group
San Luis Valley
Diamond Springs & Western Layout Plans
AFTICA Railroad

Software compatible with XTrackCAD

Giorgio used XTrackCAD to design his own layout. Since this layout is to be controlled with JMRI, he developed XtrkCadReader, a small utility that can take an XTC file and convert it to a panel file in JMRI format.

Additional information about the utility program is available at:

Layout Design

General information on layout design is available from these pages.
The Layout Design SIG
Layout Design SIG Primer
Craig Bisgeier's Housatonic Valley
Micro Layouts for Model Railroads
NTRAK Modular Railroad Society plans page
Operations Focused Layout Designs by Andrew Martin

Model Railroading

General information on model railroading can be found from these addresses.
National Model Railroad Association
Webville And Hypertext Railroad Company
Railroad Line Forums
Directory of Railroad, Railway & Model Train Links

Development Information

Bits and pieces of information that are useful in the development of XTrkCad, but are not platform specific.
CMake Build System
Halibut Documentation preparation system

Linux Development

Information useful for developing software under LINUX is available here.
The Linux Documentation Project Homepage
The GTK Toolkit
Linux Journal

Windows Development

Sites for software developers on Windows.
Sed for Windows
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)


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Download XTrkCAD Model RR Track Planner
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