XTrkCAD is moving to a new way to balance rapid development and stability for users. Formerly these could be in conflict because fixes would only be added to the single development branch which meant those needing stability had to put up with known issues.

New Scheme

Under the new scheme there will be two branches open at all times -

  1. the default branch is the stable branch - for the sake of this example - let's call it V5.1.0. It is the one we recommend for all users.
  2. a development branch named for the next release - let's call it V5.2. Colloquially it is known as BSF (Best So Far) because it has all the new stuff in it.

The basic idea is that the V5.2 development branch takes all the new functional stuff. The default branch gets only the most important fixes for stability (released version plus fixes for serious issues).

If enough urgent fixes have accumulated the V5.1 (default) branch will be tagged with a new "dot" release - say V5.1.1 and then V5.1.2.

Also all fixes will be merged into V5.2 so it incorporates them all.

V5.2 will be released as a set of betas so it can be tested. Once it is ready for a V5.2.0 official stable release, the V5.2 branch will be merged into default and a 5.2.0 bookmark added. At that point a V5.3 (or V6.0) branch will be created and the V5.2 branch closed. All fixes for 5.2.0 are now added to the default until a 5.2.1 is built, while all new functional development is on V5.3.


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