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Creating XTrkCad Structures


This document is a tutorial on how to create structures using the graphics tools using XTrkCad. The methods described here are not a comprehensive list. However as a starting point, these methods should help you to become creative in your use of the graphics tools in XTrkCad. Whether you want to design very accurate and detailed structures or just approximations of their basic footprint, the main purpose of structures on your XTrkCad layout is for alignment against track and other structures. By creating the various industrial buildings, rural and urban structures, vehicles, and roadways, you will be assured there is sufficient room for these features and they will be properly aligned to your scale.

Selecting a Structure

The first step in designing a new structure is to choose an object which has a shape with known dimensions. You may already have a built-up model or a kit which contains a drawing with actual dimensions. However, in most cases during the design stage of your layout you may not have decided what kind of structures you will be placing on your layout. The Internet is an excellent way to help you select the type of buildings and structures you want to incorporate on your XTrkCad design. By browsing let's select a Modular building kit from Walther's as our project for this tutorial. If you use your Internet browser and go to you can find the following Modular Kit by searching their website. (Author's note: Since the Web changes from time to time, the web site may move or remove pages, so you may not be able to find this page in the same location). This kit is a Modular which can be constructed in various shapes. Let's choose one of the 3 designs in the advertisement. For this tutorial, we will create the "Two-Story Factory with Large Loading Addition" as depicted in the top center of the AD. The footprint is shown below and to the right of the image. The reason we have chosen this structure is that it displays some rooftop detail. For this tutorial, we want to approximate the roof image so this particular building is a suitable choice. We will refer back to this image many times during the lesson, so you may find it necessary to scroll back to this page. Now let's begin.

Ad used with permission from Walther's

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