Question: why does not xtrackcad have dimension curve line like the straight line have?

Answer: Do you talk about the ruler? Dimensions for curved track as well as other elements can be shown via the 'Describe' command.

Question: is there a downloadable version of the manual?

Answer: The manual is a Microsoft HTML Help file and can be opened separatly from the Explorer. The tutorial from this Wiki is not available for download.

I am trying to layout the Annapolis and Bay Ridge Railway (owned by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad) located in Bay Ridge, Maryland. I have several surveys done in 1892 by the B&O Railroad.

Another question: if get the layout partially completed, and i would like to add the 'Y' track X from the beginning, how would one complete that task?

Answer You'd better send me the plan so I can see the problem. Contact details are at MartinFischer. A good place for support and exchange of tips and tricks is the Yahoo Groups List

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