Notes on Building a Release

This is a short description of the steps needed to build a release. I put them down here for easy reference.

Update the Release Notes

I create the release notes from the commit messages in Mercurial.
>cd source-directory
>hg log -d ">2016-11-01" --template "* {desc}\n" >notes


>hg log -r 900: --template "* {desc}\n" >notes

The notes are then inserted into source-directory\app\lib\
Use pandoc to convert the to Readme.txt and commit both files. Finally the current release is tagged.
>pandoc -f markdown -t plain  -o Readme.txt
>hg ci -m "Update release notes"
>hg tag Release_4_2_4a

Creating a Mercurial bundle

>cd [sourcedirectory]
>hg bundle -a xtrkcad_4_2_4a.hg

Building on Windows

  1. Open CMake-GUI und do Configure. Select gettext support and Generate. Make sure that the install prefix is not set to an absolute path. In doubt leave empty.
  2. Open the generated solution in Visual Studio and build the project xtrkcad.
  3. For signing the executable open the Visual Studio shell:
>cd [builddirectory]/app/bin/Release
>signtool sign /f certfile /p password xtrkcad.exe
>cd [builddirectory]
>signtool sign /f certfile /p password xtrkcad-setup-4.2.4a.exe

Building on Linux

  1. Open CMake-GUI and do Configure.
  2. Select gettext support, gtk and Generate.
>cd [builddirectory]
>make package
>make package_source

Building on MacOSX

1) Open CMake-GUI and do Configure.
2) Select osx, gtk and Generate.
>cd [builddirectory]/distribution/osx/gtk-bundle
>bash xtrkcad-bundle -i [Cmake_install_directory] -v [version]

The TARed DMG will be in the [builddirectory]/bin folder with the name xtrkcad-OSX-[version].dmg.tar.gz


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