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New User Registration Disabled

In the past few weeks we got thousands of faked user registrations. Recently these users began to add spam to the site. I can't find a good solution to prevent that now so as an emergency measure I disabled registration completely. I'm very sorry about that and apologize for any inconvenience.

If somebody comes up with a good idea, let me know.

Martin Fischer


I have received a number of questions about registration. XTrackCAD the program is freely available without any registration at all.

Feel free to click the download link and enjoy the software. No Registration Required!

Registration is only required for -- and only affects -- the ability to edit and/or comment on these website pages.

- TD

Project under new management!

Martin Fischer, the original owner of XTrackCAD has (as previously announced) had to step down for personal reasons. We say thanks, Martin for your hard work on the program.

Never fear, we're not letting the project die. XTrackCAD is under new management. For now, we'll just be keeping the grass mowed, but we will be seeing about continuing development as well. If you have some coding skills and are interested in helping, please volunteer!

(If you're already volunteering, I'm new here. Please drop me a line and introduce yourself!)

- TwinDad (new interim site manager)

Welcome to XTrackCAD!

XTrackCAD is a CAD program for designing model railroad layouts.

Using it, you can

XTrackCAD is available for free on Windows, LINUX and MacOSX.


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