Download XTrackCAD Version 4.3.0

Install (Binary) Packages

OSDownload Package
WindowsWindows Installer (32 Bit)
Mac OSXOSX Installer (64 Bit)
LinuxFedora RPM (32 Bit)
self-extracting install script (32 Bit)

Third Party Packages

Robert Heller created afew additional packets for Raspbian, Ubuntu 14.04+, and EL6. Files are up at:


Please see instructions for extra install steps at MacOSX

Source Code

TGZGZipped Tar Archive
BZ2BZipped2 Tar Archive
ZIPZIP Archive
Mercurial BundleMercurial bundle

The Mercurial bundle provides a downloadable starting point for developers who are on bandwidth constrained / flakey connections.
To use the .hg bundle download xtrkcad_4_3_0.hg and perform the following steps:
mkdir xtrkcad
cd xtrkcad
hg init
hg unbundle ../xtrkcad_4_3_0
edit .hg/hgrc adding these lines:

default =

Optionally do an hg pull then hg update to get the latest changes.

XTrackCAD has been compiled and tested on FreeBSD and OpenSolaris. But there is no official support for these operating systems.

Older Versions

For your convenience, older versions of XTrackCAD can be downloaded from here.


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