Beginner's Tutorial

This tutorial is being developed to help new users through their first steps with XTrackCAD. After following it completely, the reader should know how to create his own layout drawing and understand the most used features of XTrackCAD.
At the end, you'll have created your first layout design, similar to starting from a typical Starter's Set we probably all used as first introduction to model railroading.
Note At the moment this tutorial is a work in progress. In best Wiki style you can contribute to it by making corrections, rephrase sentences or start new chapters. A downloadable and printable document will be made available once there is enough content to make this worthwhile.
This tutorial has the following chapters.
1) First Steps will explain the initial screen.
2) First Layout will show how to setup for the first plan and how to lay the beginning pieces of track.
3) From Loop to Oval leads you through the first steps modifying your plan by adding some straight track.
4) Adding Siding shows you how to construct a simple siding using two turnouts and flextrack.
5) Adding Spurs shows you how to construct simple spur lines using turnouts and flextrack.
6) Into the Hills explains the steps needed to add some elevation changes.
7) Running a Train shows how to setup a train and run it on your first, albeit simple layout.
8) Getting More Help explains the places where you can find more information, be it inside XTrkCad or on the Internet.


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Download XTrkCAD Model RR Track Planner
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